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Our History:

Unlike other Catholic Young Adult (CYA) groups founded at a parish, The Catholic Fellowship of NYC had an unconventional birth and was established online via a social networking website on May 2, 2007.

Our Mission:

The activities of The Catholic Fellowship of NYC are geared to cater to a wide audience of members while adhering to the call of Jesus Christ in these modern times.  As The Catholic Fellowship of NYC continues to grow, we seek to diversify our activities, membership and geographic presence.  We encourage people who are non-Catholic to explore what we are all about.  At the moment, we have representation in New York City as well as Hudson, Essex, Bergen, Westchester, Fairfield, Nassau and Suffolk counties via our affiliate groups.  The Catholic Fellowship of NYC is the main group in The Catholic Fellowship organization.  

Our Motto:

Our group's motto is "God * Peace * Unity."  We believe in God first, the supreme and divine being; all powerful and omnipresent.  Second, we believe in and promote peace.  Peace, not only among fellow Catholics and other Christians, but other faiths and ethnic backgrounds.  In essence, peace among mankind.  Last, sharing the common interest in "God" and "Peace," we seek to establish unity.  Through "Unity," we become one body, and one global family transcending all barriers.  We unite with our fellow brothers and sisters, all who are children of God.

Our Logo:

Our main logo, which is the picture depicted on the upper right hand corner of each page represents three dancers who symbolize "Unity."  The dove in the logo represents "Peace," and the landscape and sun represents "God."  This is our interpretation of this picture, which is titled "Three Dancers for Peace" and which fits well with our motto. 

The Catholic Fellowship of NYC
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