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Security Awareness Training

End users are the weakest link in a cyberattack and the last line of defense in your overall IT security strategy. Educate your staff with the latest, most relevant cybersecurity courses and phishing simulations. Contact us today to start providing Security Awareness Training to your entire organization.

  • Reduce security risks and improve online behavior
  • Meet and exceed compliance requirements

Proven efficacy
User error accounts for more than 90% of successful breaches. With computer-based training, you can significantly reduce the odds of end users falling for a social-engineering attack and improve overall cybersecurity.

Regulatory compliance
Industry and geo-specific data privacy regulations are on the rise, emphasizing the value of the data we share online. Protect users and their data, avoid fines, and ensure compliance with SEC, FINRA, PCI, HIPAA, GDPR, and other regulations.

Ongoing defense
New tactics and techniques are constantly being dreamt up by cybercriminals. Ongoing user training ensures your clients are kept up to date on the latest methods of attack, so they stay on track and out of the headlines.

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