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Cybersecurity, IT Support & Maintenance for Nonprofits

Spend time growing your nonprofit while we professionally manage and support your computer network. provides the necessary IT services for improved and efficient daily operations of your desktops, servers, applications and network. It's like having your own personal IT department, but without the equivalent expenses. All our managed services plans include our Nonprofit Premium Support. Can’t afford a full-time IT staff to provide ongoing computer maintenance and troubleshoot issues? Not sure if your valuable donor data is backed up, safe and secure? Are your computers running slow or are due for an upgrade? Enjoy complete peace of mind with our managed services plans.

Custom IT Solutions for Nonprofits

If you’re like most non-profit organizations today, you’re struggling to do more with less—and outdated computer systems only add to the challenge. Below are just some of the IT realities that may be compromising your efforts to work efficiently:

  • Paper-based processes that are tedious and error-prone
  • Lack of a file-sharing server
  • Lack of consolidated, real-time data
  • Lack of integrated reporting tools
  • Vulnerability to hardware failures and data loss
  • Insecure networks that are wide open to hackers and viruses
  • Lack of reliable tech support

HaonTech excels at designing information technology solutions that meet the unique and ever-changing needs of non-profit organizations. We are proud to serve a large number of clients in this sector; particularly anti-hunger non-profits tasked with managing and/or disbursing grant funds. We understand that your organization has limited resources, and we’ll work with you to identify the optimal IT strategy for the budget you have available.

When you become a HaonTech customer, our first priority is to understand your struggles, needs and goals. We then get to work creating a custom software solution that’s powerfully efficient, yet simple enough for all your staff members to use. In addition to saving time and eliminating headaches, you’ll have access to the reporting tools you need to manage your organization’s operations with confidence.

Moreover, unlike some “once and done” IT vendors, your engagement with HaonTech doesn’t end with the implementation of your custom application. Rather, we remain at your disposal to perform future enhancements and ongoing support. HaonTech also offers proactive management of your IT systems to ensure you’re always up and running.

We were very impressed by HaonTech’s depth of experience in the non-profit industry. After explaining to them our needs, they instantly came up with a strategic solution that would help us achieve exactly what we wanted. HaonTech was able to deliver our customized online reporting system within the confines of our budget.

Is Your Non-Profit Suffering From Spreadsheet Mania?

Are Spreadsheets heavily used in your organization?  You are not alone.  Spreadsheets are one of the most flexible and easy-to-use applications that you can get off the shelf.  They can be used for just about anything.  For this reason, they ARE used for just about anything.  Many organizations use spreadsheets as a phone directory, reports, to-do list, project list and all sorts of other lists.  Others use them for more appropriate tasks like budgeting, payroll and other financial requirements.  The truth is that spreadsheets may be an affordable and quick way to get your business process up and running.  However, it may not be the best long-term solution.

Imagine a carpenter that uses a hammer to cut wood, or to drive screws.  Can this carpenter get the job done? Of course he could.  But not as quickly and efficiently as a carpenter using the right tools for the job.  Same happens with spreadsheets.  Businesses overuse them and depend on them too much.  They get used to them and don't think of other ways of getting the job done.  But not anymore since you are reading this.  There are better and smarter ways to run your business processes.  The solution are custom developed applications.

Convert those spreadsheets into Online Database Applications that meet your specific needs.  Eliminate all of the multi-user issues, provide reliable and repeatable business functions, and improve the quality and consistency of the underlying data.  HaonTech specializes in helping organizations work smarter by improving their business workflows with custom applications.  Let us help you!

Custom Online Database and Reporting Systems

  • Online Tracking & Reporting System
  • Food Pantry Inventory System
  • Housing/Tenant Management
  • Document Management System
  • Visitation/Appointment Tracking
  • Budget & Expenditure Tracking
  • Secure Online Donation Form
  • Online Client Intake Form
  • Donation Tracking System


Is Your Nonprofit Stuck With Outdated Computers, At Risk Of Viruses, Hackers And Downtime?

As a Microsoft, Dell and Lenovo partner, we can help you upgrade to the latest technology and ensure your network is protected and properly backed up.


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