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We specialize in Computer Network Maintenance and Support, IT consulting, and Custom Software Development for non-profits and small businesses in Bergen County New Jersey and areas of Greater New York.

Our typical customer has 10 to 75 computers, is a professional service business, and relies heavily on Microsoft Office, e-mail, the Internet, and their computer network for running their business. Our clients hire us to support their network because they do not want to incur the overhead and cost of a full-time IT staff, and they don’t want to burden their employees with the responsibility of troubleshooting the company network.

We are most successful in working with clients that:

  • Demand reliability and security from their computer network.
  • See technology as a powerful tool for increasing productivity and gaining competitive advantages.
  • Understand that many business processes can be made more efficient with custom-developed online applications.
  • Want a technology partner that will act as a trusted advisor and seek to improve the productivity, profitability, and operations of their business through technology.
  • Are willing to invest in technology to improve communication and eliminate manual tasks.

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