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Professional & Expert IT Support When You Need It With Our 24/7 Help Desk

You’re on a deadline and a customer is getting antsy, or you’re putting the finishing touches on an invoice. Suddenly, a vital piece of technology goes haywire. What do you do? Call the software vendor? The hardware manufacturer? Do you try Google for an answer?

Assistance Is Just a Phone Call Away

Located in the U.S. and staffed by knowledgeable and well-trained IT customer-care specialists, our IT Service Desk is ready and available to quickly address your needs. Whether it's a device, a software issue, or a problem with your network, our team will stick with you until a solution is found. From the moment your call is answered, you’ll know you’ve got the right person on the line and that you’re our top priority.

Let us take it from here.
If you currently don't have tech support or task your high-value techs with fielding service calls, chances are they’re being overworked and underutilized. Give your techs nights, weekends and holidays off, and let them focus on what matters most to growing your business.

Free them from their ad-hoc help desk duties, and let us take it from here. We’ll field the service calls - you can focus on growing your business, keeping your techs motivated and challenged and increasing their job satisfaction. That’s why we call it smart-sourcing.


  • Get your high-value techs away from mundane tasks
  • Focus on what matters most to your business
  • Do more for your business without pulling the night shift
  • Serving New Jersey and New York

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