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"Free Webinar That Answers All Your Questions About Cloud Computing"

What's All The Buzz About Cloud Computing?
"How Cloud Computing Can Cut Your IT Costs by HALF, Provide Automatic Disaster Recovery and Free You To Work from Anywhere On ANY Device"

Presented by
Fernando Sosa -
Jennifer Glass - Credit Cards NJ

Here’s What This Free Webinar Will Teach You:

  • What is "cloud computing" and why thousands of companies are abandoning their current in-house computer network for this new, lower cost, more flexible alternative.
  • How cloud computing can drastically lower your IT costs and free you from frequent (and expensive) hardware and software upgrades.
  • How to gain automatic backup and disaster recovery through cloud computing.
  • Answers to important questions about security, where your data is stored and Internet connectivity.
  • Critical facts every business must know before switching to a cloud based network.



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There is no 'geek speak' in this webinar. This is not a webinar for technical folks. We explain in plain english and answer your questions without using technical jargon. 

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The webinar was excellent. The way it was set up, the intro, the presentation, and the questions at the end from the messages you received, terrific. Must have had ESP on some OR they were the type of questions that are normally asked.

Larry Bauer
President, Bauer Printing
President, Teaneck Chamber of Commerce