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The End Of Windows XP

Windows XP support will end on April 8, 2014. End of support means an end to security updates and support services that result in PCs which are vulnerable to malware, data loss, virus transmission and botnet hosting. So continuing to stay on Windows XP is a bad idea. Until now Microsoft has been providing you with security, performance and stability updates for Windows XP, which help keep your business running. Microsoft will not be able to help you if you decide to stick with Windows XP after April, 2014. So hackers will have the opportunity to exploit those who remain on XP, as they know that Microsoft will not provide support. This vulnerability could lead to potentially failing an audit impacting certification as well as the loss of customer data, your financial data and trade secrets. You have built your business, so you should take the needed steps to protect it.

But even more important than the higher risks and costs is the simple fact that modern times and business needs demand modern tools. By running third-generation old technology, you are missing out on the new features of today’s hardware and software that help get your work done faster, easier and better. We can help you move to a modern environment that gives you the latest productivity and collaboration tools you need to compete and win. 

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Windows XP Upgrade

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