SELF-PACED: Certified Healthcare Site Cybersecurity Professional (CHCSP)

Credential is intended for: CMIOs, CIOs, CTOs, Technology Professionals, Medical Office Managers, Practice Managers, Health IT Professionals, Nurse Managers, Physician/Providers, Office Managers and others. A valuable addition to any healthcare or IT industry professional profile!


The healthcare industry is becoming increasingly vulnerable to technology and security risk. The widespread adoption of electronic health records (EHR) combined with frequent regulatory reform is creating rapid change in the industry. An increased network of data connectivity, while designed to improve the delivery of patient care, is also creating opportunity for hackers and others to take advantage of tremendously valuable medical information.

Cybersecurity is fast becoming a critical component of healthcare data exchange and management. As major security breaches continue to top the news; governments and regulatory organizations are responding with new regulations, increased oversight, and stiffer penalties. Increased demand for mobility, along with a move to link a wide variety of systems to IT infrastructure, adds to the overall risk.

As a result, healthcare cybersecurity has grown from a component of security to a category in and of itself. 4Medapproved in cooperation with Kardon Compliance has developed a certification path for security professionals to inform their awareness of this critical area of data protection and achieve proficiency in Cybersecurity management and execution in the workplace.

Identifying the role of Cybersecurity Officer, 4Med has assigned the credential Certified Healthcare Cybersecurity Professional (CHCSP) which encompasses the following comprehensive management level learning objectives:

  • Protecting valuable information assets
  • Outlining requirements of a formal cybersecurity risk management program
  • Understanding Security and Compliance initiatives
  • Implementing cybersecurity frameworks
  • Connecting Cybersecurity and HIPAA
  • Defining NIST CSF 
  • Explaining risk-based management concepts
  • Grasping the definition of risk
  • Identifying cybersecurity stakeholders
  • Dealing with an identified risk
  • Managing risk oversight
  • Reviewing the cybersecurity framework
  • Performing risk analysis and program assessments
  • Overseeing staff training requirements and deployment of cybersecurity programs




Donna Grindle, CHPSE, CHPC

Donna’s 25 years of compliance experience have included programming, project management, training and titles such as Programming Manager, Director of Operations and Vice President of Operations before starting her own security company in 1998. She has an extensive history of achievement in the Healthcare IT field where she has spent most of her career as a consultant specializing in medical practice security.

Donna currently works in the healthcare security industry from what she calls "the ground up", meaning that she knows how security applies to the nuts and bolts of the industry today. Donna also hosts a popular podcast, provides in-depth security coaching and delivers live webinar workshops in the healthcare vertical regularly. She is a 4Medapproved Subject Matter Expert (SME) on Cybersecurity and HIPAA and is an engaging interactive topic presenter


Successful completion of this course awards a Certification in Cybersecurity Proficiency (CHCSP) which has been reviewed and authorized by the 4Medapprovedprofessional medical and technical advisory boards and has been additionally accredited for Physician/PA CME, Nursing CEU and Management Credentials.

Course Length: 8 hours

ACCREDITATION: Upon completion, physicians and PA's (ACCME), nursing (ANCC), HIMSS and CHIME CE's are available. Click on the button below for detailed credit information.












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