HaonPortal CMS

Easily Update Your Website with HaonPortal CMS

Why pay someone else to update your website!

Non-technical users now have at their disposal an advanced content management system (CMS) that simplifies the website maintenance process. Update your website any time and as many times as needed. No more paying per updates. No more waiting for someone else to upload a document or update a page. As an added bonus, HaonPortal includes a number of additional features that help easily and cost-effectively manage email newsletters, advertising and marketing campaigns. All from a single easy-to-use interface.

HaonPortal is a completely database-driven solution that not only eases the creation and maintenance of websites, it also provides real-time information for day-to-day business operations.

Save Money By Doing Your Own Website Updates!

Don't let your website become stale! Update as often as you want at no extra cost.

HaonPortal resides on a secure server hosted by HaonTech.com and is accessed through the Internet. Since servers are not required to be purchased, companies save thousands of dollars on hardware, software, maintenance and IT staff costs. Companies also have the option to purchase HaonPortal CMS and install it on their own servers. 

Features & Benefits

Website Manager:
Don't know HTML? Well this is the tool you need to build an email flyer, a single webpage or even an entire website without knowing HTML programming. 

Event Calendar:
Advanced calendar. PDF Flyers, RSVP, Photo Gallery, Email Alerts, Customizations, and more.

Email Marketing: 
Email mailing list feature that allows you to create HTML emails. Easily create newsletters, keep your visitors updated, manage your mailing lists and keep track of all your sent newsletters and who opens them. 

Survey/Registration Forms:
Surveys are a great way to get feedback. Easy to use feature for creating surveys and viewing the results. Find out what people think about your events by creating online surveys.
Registration Forms:
Easily create online event registration forms that are connected with your advanced calendar.  The best and most convenient way to register people for your events. 

Discussion group feature that allows people to post messages on the organization website and have online discussions. Posted messages are automatically emailed to members who setup their profiles to receive email messages. Groups is a great way to get a topic discussion started in your organization. Let group members freely join the group, read, post and respond to messages.
Social Networking:
Your own private social networking site (similar to Facebook and Yahoo Groups).  Great for organizations that want a closed and secure company social network.


Integrate all these features on Your website

Excellent return on investment

No advanced technical knowledge required

Custom features can be developed per request.


Pricing & Feature Comparison

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Other HaonPortal CMS Editions

Membership Management System
Secure members-only community, Advanced Searchable Membership Directory, Online forms & registrations, Fully-integrated website, Advanced Calendar and Event Registrations, Email Marketing, Survey and Voting features.
Example: Bergen Networking Group

HaonPortal School Information System (SIS) 
Easily and cost-effectively manage the school website, communicate with teachers, parents and students, maintain attendance records, grades, report cards, transcripts and more.  [ more info ]

HaonPortal Auto Dealer Edition 
Create professional Auto Dealer websites with easy-to-use customized screens.  Simply enter your vehicles and they automatically appear on your website.  [ more info ]

HaonPortal Ministry Edition / Events4JC.org
Complete solution for creating and maintaining a church website, promote events, send emails to church members,  weekly bulletins, discussion groups, surveys, registrations and more.  F R E E  limited edition for qualifying non-profit groups/organizations.  [ more info ]


Their support is commendable. We continue to use Events4JC.org for its potential, particularly in reaching younger people.

Louisa Martin
Chair - Education Committee - Church of St. Thomas Moore

The Family Life Office has been using HaonTech's "survey" feature since 2006, to record data from participant evaluations of our marriage preparation classes. The system allows us to sort data by multiple inputs (to determine local program effectiveness), and it generates detailed statements that we submit each year as part of our office's annual report to the archbishop. We are grateful to the HaonTech team for ongoing technical support.

Christopher Mueller
Coordinator of Marriage Preparation Programs - Archdiocese of New York

Their service is great because it enables me to post events on my web site with ease. Events4JC.org contains a lot of information from other organizations. Plus the site is easy to use and that is key when you are searching for events.

Mario Bruschi
Director - Cathedral of St. Patrick Young Adults

Great service and technical support. HaonTech walks you through the motions of putting together your own web site. Many in our parish have benefited from this service.

Juan Rodriguez
Pastoral Associate & DRE - Queen of Angels Church

HaonTech went above and beyond what was expected from them. They designed a site that I was extremely pleased with. The customer service provided was prompt and professional.

Mrs. Marisa Schaefer
Director - Rhymes & Reasons School

HaonTech went above and beyond what was expected from them. They designed a site that I was extremely pleased with. The customer service provided was prompt and professional.

Mrs. Marisa Schaefer
Director - Rhymes & Reasons School