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Distracted Employees Are Bad For Business

Consider one $15 per hour full time employee who use a work computer for 30 Minutes per day on social sites, shopping, and non-work related browsing:

2.5 hours per week of wasted productivity = $37.5
10 hours wasted per month = $150
120 hours wasted per year = $1800


Web Content Filtering from HaonTech lets you Allow, Warn, or Block access to websites that interfere with productivity and the flow of work in your organization.


  • Schedule detailed reports delivered to your inbox
  • Provide internet access for users as often as needed
  • Adjust Content Filtering polices for individual users
  • Block or Allow sites as needed regardless of category
  • Allow unfiltered access as needed with Administrator Password rights
  • Schedule Content Filtering only as needed
  • Block adult and mature content

HaonTech Web Content Filtering is a highly adaptable way to eliminate distractions from the digital work environment.  Request Your Free “Custom Content Filter Savings Report.”  This report can be used to quantify the productivity savings your company has by using our Content Filtering solution. Contact us for more information.


FREE Content Filtering Savings Report

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