It may be that the benefits of investing in childcare and pre-school learning could be greater than investment in education at later ages, given that a significant part of cognitive and non-cognitive skills development occurs before children start school.
David Armstrong (co-author) (August 2003) Universal Childcare Provision in the UK - Towards a Cost-benefit Analysis, PriceWaterhouseCoopers

Why Choose Rhymes & Reasons?
Entire staff CPR and First Aid certified. Open all year round . Certified teachers with degrees in Early Childhood Education. Open door policy. Music, Kung Fu, Computer, Yoga, Zumba, Ballet and Soccer classes. Large indoor and outdoor play areas. Exclusive infant and toddler suites. Family involvement. Sibling discounts.


Rhymes and Reason’s believes that children learn through play. We offer learning centers in each classroom. We also come together for circle time, story time, music and movement, science experiments, cooking, gross and fine motor activities among other things. We follow a theme each week and gear different activities around our theme.

Discipline Policy

At our facility we try and shy away from “time out”. We instead teach the children how to work out problems on their own. Our goal is to prepare the children for the future.
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